J-Six Farm

About J-Six Farm

J-Six farms limited located at Epe, Lagos state is an agro-allied company known for production, marketing and distribution of standard commercial eggs and poultry meat which are synonymous to quality.

The farm has been in operation since December 2013, and has contributed immensely to the success of many clients across the country. The farm was sited on 15 acres of land at the beginning of the operation which has expanded to 35 acres within a period of 7years in operation with a capacity that accommodates over 150,000 birds, creating 100 direct jobs and over 1000 indirect jobs.

Currently, the farm is meeting the protein requirement of eggs for 27,000 household on a daily basis, with a mission to feed the Nation before 2023.

Our Declarations

Our vision is to feed the nation and be at the forefront of all agro-allied products innovation with a special attention to the livestock industry and to meet the protein requirement in accordance to FAO.

Our mission is to continuously offer uncompromising products in accordance with the best international standard practices in Animal production.

Our goal as a company is to produce:

  1. A healthier quality eggs and meat.
  2. A better and more friendly business environment for customers.
  3. A better Livestock production with good production and profit.
  4. A better animal welfare.
Our Operations

At J-six farms, all our customers are highly esteemed, this is why establishing a business relationship with us is very easy and pleasurable too.

We take pride in the satisfaction of our customers, creating a conducive environment while providing solutions to needs and concerns.

Another great news is that we go extra mile to transport ordered goods to our customers promptly and in good condition at affordable cost, this is why distance is never a barrier to our business.

J-Six farms has a team of qualified hardworking and selfless sales, farm and office executives, dedicated and passionate with their career, strategically stationed in different parts of the state.

Our Products

Our Products include:

  1. Production of Commercial table eggs at required protein level and premium yolk quality with optimum Size
  2. Rearing of birds to Point of cage, Point of Lay and sales of Spent Layers.
  3. Rearing of Commercial Cockerel and Broiler for meat production.
  4. Production of Commercial poultry feed for other livestock industries.