Trade & Logistics

About Trading & Logistics

J-Six Trading & Logistics is a subsidiary of J-Six Group Limited incorporated under the companies and Allied Matters Decree of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with a broad mandate that includes but not limited to trading, distribution of consumers products like Indomie, Power Oil, Power pasta spaghetti, Dano milk, Chin-chin, Coco pops, Munch-it of different brands at a cheaper price.

We provide all round sales to accommodate all of our business customer needs. We aim to offer our customers the very best price, choice of products and value for money.

By working closely with both our customers and suppliers, we have a fantastic food product available with the best price.

Our core product ranges include

Indomie – Indomitable, Super pack chicken, Hungry man chicken, Super pack Onion chicken, Hungry man Onion chicken, Belle full pack and Indomie Onion chicken.

Power oil – 70ml x 96 Sachet, power oil 120ml x 50 sachet, power oil 750ml x 12 Bottle, power oil 1400ml x 8 Bottles, power oil 2600ml x 8 Bottles and power oil 4500ml x 4 keg

Dano Milk – Coolcow 260 x 12g Sachet, Coolcow 12 x 360g Sachet, Coolcow 12 x 850g Sachet, Coolcow 12 x 400g Tin, Full Cream 12 x 360g Sachet,Full Cream 12 x 850g Sachet, Dano Choco 250 x 18g Sachet, Coolcow 36 x 150g Sachet, Coolcow 12 x 900g Tin, Growing up Milk 12 x 380g Refill, Growing up Milk 12 x 400g Tin, Full Cream 210 x 16g Sachet, Coolcow 6 x 2300g Tin, Coolcow 6 x 2300g Refill, Dano Slim 12 x 400g Refill and Full Cream 6 x 2300g Refill.

Munch-It Sweet Surprise Snack and Munch-it Sour Cream & Onion Snack.

Coco pops product - Coco Pops 88 x 28G Kellogg.

Power Pasta Product - Power Pasta Slim1/20 and Power Pasta Fat 1/20.

Wholesales suppliers

We are one of the biggest distributors of Multipro Consumers product in Lagos State.

We offer unbeatable value, an unrivaled range of multipro consumer’s product.

Vehicles and Store

Our store and transport teams are fully equipped with trained staffs.

Experienced and Professional team

We offer full sales and logistics service, after your order is received, we can arrange delivery directly to your door step at a minimal cost.